Broken Crown

I had to have this mask the second I saw it!  It took me right back to my dark roots too 😉  What a fun outfit to shoot as well.  The outfit is by Yasum and is a limited release at We ❤ RP so hurry up and get it!



MASK: Clavv Dark Rabbit Mask Black Matte @The Dark Style Fair

OUTFIT: Yasum Prinzess Leia Limited @We ❤ RP

(they do have a non-bloodied version as well)

HAIR: Rowne Raquel Ponytail Achromatics Style 03

LIPSTICK: euphoric Gio Lipgloss

HAIRBASE: Siix Brazilian Hair base

SHOES: Azoury Fractale (Onyx)

MAIN POSE: Aerial – High F 34

ALT POSES: Aerial – High F 35; Aerial – My back 2 hand version; Aerial – High F 36


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