Welcome to my blog!

So, now what?  Oh yeah, another ‘fashion’ blog! Well, not so much.  Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion, but this will be about more than that.  If you know me from flickr then you know I am a bit of a random poster.  One day I am covered in blood and gashes, the next I am in pink with flowers.  The softer side may be rare, but it’s there!  My intention with this is to explore a little more of my creativity all while providing the two people who will likely read this with the deets, aka, details.  So fashion…..yes, but also poses, backgrounds, hair, makeup, appliers, decor, guns, knives, and torture devices as well.  I’m super particular about my flickr photos, i doubt that will change here, my intent is to do my regular flickr photos but then take that same look and provide it in additional photos here with a simpler approach so the details can be seen better.  Cool? Yeah, ok…let’s go!



HAIR: Analog Dog - Rae 
LIPSTICK: euphoric Jojo Lipstick 
EYE SHADOW: euphoric Azra 
NAILS: EMPIRE - Stiletto Nails 
BRACELETS: Real Evil Venus 
RINGS: Real Evil Luxy 
COLLAR: [CerberusXing] Stratum Collar 
TOP: Addams Jay Necklace Top 
THONG: erratic delice lingerie black
LANTERN: [we're CLOSED] kerosene lantern 1 galvanized

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